Post 389 MS Office Word copy-paste problems

’08 Oct 24 1:45 pm I spent most of yesterday and today trying to figure out what went wrong with MS Office Word, as when I’d copy and paste from Word to another program or vice versa, MSword would freeze up and not respond, and I’d have to open my task manager to shut it down. What I had been doing was editing both my E-book and printed version at the same time, and copying and pasting between them. When I shut the computer down the other night, there wasn’t a problem. What ticks me off is that I’ve proof read and edited almost 100 pages of my book, and duly backed up my work as I went along, so now my back-ups have the same problem. What is confusing is that earlier versions of my book from a couple of days ago are OK, and everything works fine.

I tried Office repair and when that didn’t work, I re-installed MS Office and that didn’t work either. I then ran my spyware and virus programs to see if I had picked up a bug, but everything showed up clean. I then ran a system restore, hoping that would help, but nothing. In frustration, I even opened up the document. in a different software program called “Open Office” and while it worked OK and I could cut and paste, all my page formatting was mixed up, so switching to Open Office at this point would be a real headache, as I’d also have to learn how to use it. However, I do like how Open Office works and how it creates a PDF in about 15 seconds, verses five minutes with using MS Office Word. I think I’ll be switching as soon as I get this book published.

Today I happened to be working on my e-book version and had closed it down when it froze, and then when I re-opened it, an error message came up saying that this file had been repaired. I saved it and re-open it and yes, it was now working fine. I then tried to do the same with the print version of my book, but I couldn’t get the repair function to kick in. After several attempts, I decided to not edit the print version, and to just carry on with the e-book version as I wasn’t going to be using a POD publisher to print my book anyway. The reason I was editing it was that I had put a lot of work into it, and it was almost complete.


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