Post 390 Veil lifting, denials exposed, yet still in a fog!

‘08 Oct 24 It’s interesting to see how the veils are coming down and that more and more denials are being exposed and seen for what they are, yet at the same time, there is this lack of mass conscious awareness of these denials and they just get accepted and forgotten. It’s all over the news, but even the news doesn’t follow up. Politicians get caught red-handed in a lie, and the next day they are back, as if nothing has happened.

A blatant example is the oil and gas price fixing issue that everyone, including the media, is aware of and is talking about, but yet nothing happens. The media, has the awareness and the tools to expose the denials and cover-ups going on, and could force politicians to take action and make changes that would get to the bottom of the issue, but they don’t dig any deeper than tonight’s headline.

It’s like some people are aware, yet don’t follow through, and the silent majority are either numb, dumb, or indifferent.


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