Post 391 Democracy – the illusion of freedom

’08 Oct 25 As I was flipping through the TV channels, I happened to stop on the US election and I realized why people fall for the concept of democracy and the illusion of freedom it presents. Democracy offers you a choice, at least between two political parties and that enables those in a position of power behind the political machinery, to play on peoples values, morals, and judgments, in that now they can play the good cop, bad cop game. Anyone that gets elected into power is still being controlled by those pulling the strings behind the scenes. Those elected, are merely a part of the system, and even though they may have liberal and new ideas, or are conservative and bent on going back to the tried and true concepts (that failed) nothing really changes.

When a new government gets into power, and while some things change and improve, others get worse and so new judgments are made and new political platforms established so that when a new election is called, people will again have a choice of which political puppet they want to follow and to control them. Conserative,Liberal,New Democrat, (Republican or Democrat) they are all puppet “politicians” seeking a position of power and control over the masses, and who gets to play ruler (Prime Minister or President) is determined by who can con the people into believing and trusting that “they” and their political party are the ones that are looking after “their” best interests.


2 thoughts on “Post 391 Democracy – the illusion of freedom

  1. John,This is certainly true, but don't you think that Obama was probably the best choice out of the others? I feel that he's quite a solid guy. He has a sincere smile.

  2. Hi jano,Looks can be deceiving … but all in all… he is just a puppet for those that are in power behind the scenes. Things can't change on the outside, until people change on the inside… and people aren't quite ready to change and let go of the old world reality and what they believe is the truth… John

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