Post 392 Book editing

’08 Oct 27 I wrote a couple of articles for my book that will fill in some gaps I found as I was proof reading. I wrote on fragmentation, and on the gap and gapping, as well as adding to the inner and outer child sections. I continued with my proof reading using “Natural Reader” to read the text to me. The program works almost anywhere you can copy text with your mouse. I like the program as while your eyes may miss a word that is misspelled or not appropriate, your ears are quick to pick it up. But it’s not infallible, as a problem I’ve found is that after I made the changes, unless I go back and re-listen to the paragraph, I may have made other misstates that I’m not aware of. What I’m also doing is editing the book so that it “sounds” like I would say it, as that is different from structured written grammar that really doesn’t “feel” the words.


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