Post 394 Working on revising website

'08 Nov 29….. I'm back..:) time to get caught up… Been busy as you will see…

’08 Nov 02 Having finally finished my e-book, I began working on revising my website and now I’m frustrated. When I originally designed my website, I never realized, or rather thought, that I was only building it to look good on my monitor. Having a laptop, I of course have a wide screen monitor and I only found out after I had designed the website, when I was having computer problems and I had to use Marians PC, that I noticed that my website didn’t look good on anything but a wide screen monitor and that the right side was getting cut off.

At that time, I was already focusing on editing my book to get it published and that was my priority, so the web site would just have to wait. So now… when I want to put my E-Book on my website, I find that I just don’t have to re-work some pages, but that I basically need to re-do everything. I spent the day trying to re-design the old website and I finally decided that it would take too long and that it would still not look good so it would be quicker starting from scratch.

I searched and found another template #57 LILAC that I decided I could modify as I felt it would look good in all screen resolutions, even down to 800 pixels, not like my present one. It’s still a lot of work modifying the new template and I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with the Header and background yet.


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