Post 395 Dream of Werewolf – Lucifer

’08 Nov 03 4:30 am I had this dream that there was a huge werewolf head (Lucifer) that was going around and stalking and devouring people. Once he had his sights on you there was no escape and once he caught you, he tormented you as he got a charge, energized by feeding off your terror, with you knowing what he was going to do to you and not being able to escape.

There was another demon with him that went around searching for victims and he even talked to them, again to instill terror, preparing them for Lucifer. This demon reminded me of a Lon Chaney character Lucifer was only this huge wolf head and neck (body and legs cut off) that was the size of a grizzly bear, but with no body or legs. He moved, or rather shuffled like a walrus, and as he moved, he left a slimy trail of blood as he lifted his head and moved his neck like a sea walrus, except that he was much faster than a walrus.

I knew that the only escape was to be grounded, by that I mean that I had to have a copper wire wrapped around my shoulders, stuffed down my shirt and pants and running down into my socks to the bottom of my feet so that I could connect to the Earth.

When Lucifer caught up to me and was going to attack and eat me, he touched the copper wire and exploded into hundreds of small pieces, scattering in all directions. His assistant said that while I had defeated him this time, he would be back, and that the next time, there would be more than one and that I just delayed the inevitable. I woke up.

Another thing that I almost forgot was that when he ate people, all that was left of them was the bare bones and sometimes, he ate so many in the same place that the bones would be scattered all over and all mixed up.


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