Post 399 On the different forms of rage

’08 Nov 09 Sunday 7:45 am Yesterday I was thinking of rage and how there are two forms of rage. One is the rage that goes out and attacks, that has the “first” strike, and then there’s the other form of rage that wants to strike back, to retaliate and take revenge at being attacked.

I feel that the first one, the one that makes the first strike is connected to God, father, and the father warriors, and that the second form of rage is connected to the Mother and the mother warriors who fought against the father warriors in the war of the Heavens. This relates to the material in RUOW, The right use of Will books

Hiumm? Now I’m thinking that the first fragment that broke off of God and went out to strike the Mother was the first type of rage and the second fragment that went out to attack the Mother was Lucifer and that is also another form of rage that is more cunning. But now I’m wondering who or what the Mother rage fragment is? Is it the fire dragon that came to Earth back in Pan before Lucifer brought the first rage fragment here? I don’t know where this is going but I feel that it’s important.


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