Post 404 Hunger and issues of Power and Control

’08 Nov 15 6:01 am I was chatting with Irene, a friend of mine yesterday and the subject of hunger came up. I woke up thinking of hunger and why we eat and consume other living things in order to live. Everything is alive, be it a person, animal, plant or rock. Everything is a form of energy, of vibration and as such it is living and has consciousness. We are a Spiritual energy being having a physical experience and as such, I feel that we don’t have to CONSUME other living things in order to live as that is not the way of unconditional love. I don’t feel that loving energy needs to feed on other energy in order to exist and that we can get all the energy we need from the source.

I’m not sure how we would experience and enjoy “food” as we call it, without doing what we presently do, and that is overpower some other form of energy to eat it. Although I feel that we don’t need to over-power and consume another living thing to live, I do feel that we are meant to eat and experience eating, or we wouldn’t have a mouth, taste buds, teeth, digestive organs etc. I also feel that even if we decided to eat something that was meant to be eaten, that we wouldn’t have to do it in order to maintain a physical life, but rather, just to enjoy the experience. Like smelling a flower, you can enjoy the scent, without having to injury or kill the flower. I feel that we need to break this food chain… as that isn’t what life is about.

6:08 am I was just thinking of why I eat and especially, why I eat between meals, and I realized that it’s when I’m stressed, frustrated or confused, and when I feel that I have no power or control over the present situation. So I go to the one thing that I have control over and that is food and the fact that it “pleases” me and makes me happy is another reason I choose to eat. It’s a substitute, a “quick fix” for the issues that I’m denying. It’s gives me a false sense of power and fulfillment. When I’m OK with what I’m doing and I’m not frustrated, confused or anxious, I find that I’m not eating or snacking between meals, in fact. I’m not even hungry when it comes to normal meal times.

I think that our eating habit is an imprint, program and belief that we have to eat in order to live. Various organizations would have us believe that we need to eat certain foods to enjoy a healthy body, that we need meat, or that we don’t need meat. Still others claim that we need supplements and vitamins to maintain our health. I feel that there’s a lot yet to be discovered and understood, about food, eating and our bodies.


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