Post 407 Book and website issues

’08 Nov 16 11:33 pm By late afternoon I had edited and finalized both MS Word doc “E-Book” files, but when it came to making the PDF’s…. MS Word started acting up again and created all kinds of problems with the headers and links to the table of contents.

I was finally able to restore a copy and get MS Word to do a self-repair and I was able to get a good copy of my e-book that I could correct. I quickly formatted it into a PDF just in case MS Word, started its nonsense again. So far it looks OK, but I’ll have to check it out… Again!!!! as I’ll need to see if MS Word did any other changes that I’m not aware of. As soon as I’m finished with what I started with MSWord, I’m switching to Open Office

Sometimes I feel that I’m taking two steps forward and one step back as things just seem to go wrong. If it’s not my computer, or a computer program that is acting up, then it’s my website or the internet service. It seems there is always something that is slowing me down.

Speaking of things going wrong, my website was down again for a few hours, but it appears to be working OK…. for now. That also reminds me of how confusing it is to work in my “Cpanel” (Control Panel) on my website. Some programming nerd decided to have the image link to upload your files named “upload,” but then, he/she must have had a mental mind fart, as they decided to use a file folder and an arrow pointing down as an icon for upload. The word is correct, but the image gives you the impression that the opposite is true. Then, in the next image link to the right, they have another image symbol for “download” with an arrow pointing down. The later makes sense, but the other is off in left field, and no one has seen fit to change it and it’s been there for months. Things that make you go .. Hummmm? 


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