Post 408 Dentist – E-Book and Website issues

’08 Nov 18 4:08 am Yesterday I had a dentist appointment and she filled the molar next to the one that she removed the last time I visited her. Although it’s was just a filling, my gum and mouth are a lot sorer that when she pulled my tooth. I’m not talking an pain killers and I’m just using sea salt to help with the healing the wound on my gum.

Today I’m starting to feel rushed as we are moving on Friday Nov 21 and I still want to get my new website up and running and my E-books ready to download before the move as I know that afterwards, I’ll get caught up helping unpack and doing little things to get the new place in order.

Last night I loaded up my new website and and while both sites loaded the text, none of the images showed up. I also created 3 PDF’s of my E-books and up-loaded them on my website and then tested them to see if I was able to download them as well from the links I had made. Once I had the sites up, and began surfing through them I realized that there were some things that I had forgotten, or that I needed to change. I made myself a list of all the work I needed to do.


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