Post 409 Murphy’s laws on website issues

’08 Nov 19 6:30 am I just realized that on top of what I had discovered that was wrong with my website yesterday, that I needed to change all the description and tags in the headers. I had used the “saysame” template, for both and and had forgotten to change the title and description of the websites.. and now, since I had uploaded them to my website, that mean not only changing them all on my computer, but also up-loading them to my website I can’t just leave it as the internet “robots” and search engines, use the title and description to list the site and so it’s important that people looking for my site are able to reach it.

There was no use in trying to get back to sleep, so I just got up and began working on making the changes. After I had finished, which was close to 10:00 am I went downstairs and had breakfast. After breakfast, I installed the new patio blinds to replace the ones that the dog had chewed a couple of months back. I also cleaned up the basement and then took down some shelves, pictures and odds and ends that Marian wanted to pack.

I then spent the afternoon trying to install but I was running into problems as either my website server was down, or the internet was acting up and was slow and timing out. Both issues meant that I couldn’t upload any files or work on my website.

After supper, Marian decided to pack up her computer and in doing so, she accidentally disconnected my laptop from the internet, or rather, she un-plugged my laptop from the USB port and plugged me into the Ethernet connection that she had been using. I thought that my internet connection was running slow again, or had timed out and it took me a while to figure out what had happened, but no soon had I re-connected to the internet and logged into my website Cpanel, then my website server went down again. Ahhhhh! Frustration!!!!!

By late evening my website came back on and I was shocked to see that it wasn’t working. I thought I had done everything in the same way I did the other sites that were working fine, so what ‘s the problem? I was confused as my original website had each section in different folders, each with their own code and images, while my two new sites had everything in one folder. I decided to also upload my files to each folder and with that; I got the website to work just as the server went down again. When it came back up I saw that I now had the new website up and working… BUT… the first or index page was still from my old site. What went wrong? Why wasn’t the index page showing the new site, and where is this old website page coming from if I’ve deleted them all? I was fanatic, I checked and re-checked, deleted and upload file after file but the problem was still there. In the midst of all this, you guessed it; the server went down again. I feel pressured as I only have one day left to get everything up and running….


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