Post 411 The move

’08 Nov 22 Saturday; Well we moved yesterday and it’s a BIG change coming from a three bedroom, 1600 sq ft two level (excluding a full basement) townhouse with a garage to 1000 sq ft three bedroom semi-detached on two levels (including a sub-basement) with no garage, but with a small garden tool shed. In the townhouse, the smallest bedroom was 10×12 feet and now the biggest bedroom is 10×12 feet. While that in itself is not that bad a size, what makes it seem small and cramped is that all the beds are queen size and they take up most of the room.

The place is full of boxes, but I’ve basically got my room set up and stuff unpacked as all I own can fit into the back of my truck, so I don’t have a lot. The Cable guy is supposed to be coming today to install the cable TV, internet and the telephone system. I‘ve also decided to put my desk in my room as use a wireless internet hookup for my computer, as there will be no room in the third bedroom as Marian wants to put a futon in it along with her large computer desk and the TV that she used to have in her bedroom in the spare bedroom. She bought herself a new wall mount TV that I installed on her bedroom wall.

In the mean while, I’m busy setting up things as they present themselves. I’m basically leaving the unpacking to her as she has definite plans as to when and where things go, so I feel it’s best she do them and I do things that she can’t do.


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