Post 412 Website index issues resolved

’08 Nov 24 Monday I’ve spent the past couple of days doing things around the house and today, as Marian was emptying boxes to fill her china cabinet, I decided to get my wireless internet connection working. I got on the internet and logged into my Cpanel and after looking at what was NOT in folders, I found the old website file that was causing me problems and I then deleted.
After I did that, things on my website were even worse than before as before I at least had a site, but now it had lost its form. I wrote again to Cirtex (my web host) asking anyone for help. In the mean while, I was at a loss as to the cause of the problem so I revised the description of my E-Book.

’08 Nov 25 Tuesday. Well I finally figured out what I did wrong and why Saysame wasn’t working like my other two websites. It turns out that I needed to not only put the saysame files in their own respective folders, but that I also had to load up the index, CSS and image file into my public_html but without putting them in a folder. Don’t ask me why it works that way but it does. So in all this, I’ve had to use three different methods to get my websites up and running. Two for my main site and then one method for the other two sites. There is still more “tweaking to do on my website, but for now I’m happy that it’s up and running as it is.

An analogy would be that you were told that to go to a specific event, that you needed to wear formal attire. Another person told you that no, you didn’t need to wear formal attire, you could wear casual dress clothes, but that you had to have your formal wear in a suitcase. And the third told you that all you needed was beach wear and to just bring a towel and a drink… Well I'm wearing my casual wear along with a bow tie and cumberbun. I'm carrying a drink in one hand and my luggage in the other that contains my tux, along with my beach wear and towel…. :beer: 

I think that either idiots designed the internet, or that they purposely did it so that ordinary people would have to call upon the so-called experts to build or fix their websites, as they are the only ones that understand the madness they created. It also appears that they are reluctant to let anyone else in on their ”privy” information, or to change the system that is knowingly flawed. …….. Of course it can’t be ME!:doh: How dare you think that :jester: 


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