Post 416 Realities, space and time

’08 Dec 03 Wed. I woke up thinking how everything exists at the same moment… that everything in creation is “there” it’s just that we are not aware of it. What limits us is our point-of-view. And while that is a truth, in the next moment, creation or space has expanded, and so what was, is now more.

Everything from micro to macro, exists in space and time. And while it exists in this space and time, it also exists in other spaces and times of existence. It’s only our limited awareness that creates the illusion that time and space are limited and that therefore, we are also limited by time and space.

While everyone and everything is experiencing their reality from their point-of-view, they are also interacting and creating multiple realties with anyone or anything that is in their perception that they identity with their physical senses and feelings, and experience through their emotions. Expanding your point-of-view not only creates different perspectives, but it also enhances what is perceived.Expanding ones points-of-view of time and space creates the beginning of sensing just how unlimited and vast creation is, and I’m not just talking Earth, or galactic, or the universe, but also going in the reverse direction, into the microcosm of the outer universe. While that is relating to what we presently are able to sense and see, there are also multiple realities that we as yet are unaware of as we are unable to perceive them. Things that make you go Hummmm?



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