Post 417 Hungry Dog chewing house

’08 Dec 04 11:50pm A couple of days ago the dog chewed up the baseboard in the upstairs hallway. This morning, as I was having breakfast, I heard gnawing and at first I thought it was the dog chewing her toy. When I looked, I saw that she was literally taking pieces out of the corner of the base board. I grabbed my moccasin slipper and threw it at her. She took off for the bathroom and I retrieved my slipper. As I retuned to eating my breakfast, I was thinking of why she was gnawing the wood and also the house plant in the corner as I know that she had just been fed as I saw her eating when I came up, so she shouldn’t be hungry. I then realized that she had no toys to play with. After breakfast, I went and looked for the one toy that she had, that had rolled under the couch and she couldn’t get to.

When she was a pup, she had 4 or 5 toys but as she grew older and chewed them up (teething) Marian got rid of them and while she replaced in the beginning, she was not replacing them now, and that meant that the dog only has one toy to play with and an old towel that she has been using as a toy and a sleep buddy. I told Marian about it and she said that the dog had chewed her “rope” toy to pieces and that she threw it in the garbage as there were pieces all over the place. I said that you knew this was happening for days and that throwing it in the garbage was not the problem, but the problem as I see it is that you didn’t replace it or give her something else to play with, you just took it away and left her nothing, so what is she to do to chew?

I’ve also been telling Marian for months that I feel the dog is hungry, that it needs more food and that that also may be part of the reason that the dog is chewing up things. The dog is basically getting as much food now as it did when it was a puppy, but now it’s close to being 6 times as big. As a pup, it would get 2 cups of dry puppy chow and now it's getting 2 ½ cups of dry dog food. The trouble started when the dog was a about three months old and was having diarrhea and was put on a special diet. Well that diet stuck and (because of the move) hasn’t changed. The dog also began her chewing habits when Marian started packing six weeks before the move.

She was taking the dog to the veterinarian today and I told to ask the vet. about the dog and its chewing and food. When she came back, she said the vet. changed the dogs diet and added another type of dog food to her diet and that now the dog would now be getting another 1 ½ cups to the 2 ½ cups that the dog was getting per day. She also bought two new toys for the dog, but also scolded the dog, telling her not to chew them…


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