Post 418 Ghosts – and denied rage

’08 Dec 05 12:25 am This morning I realized that the ghosts of deceased persons are of two types or rather vary between two polarities. I also realized that the “ghost” is actually Soul or Will essence that is trapped in and on the Earth plane. There are ghosts that are lost Souls that are confused and are seeking help in crossing over and moving to their right place. These ghosts mean and cause no harm, other than unintentionally frightening people by their presence, which is their only way of asking for help and letting people know that they are there.

The other form is on the opposite polarity end and that is denied Will rage that has no love presence and all it wants is to either to be left alone or it roams around looking for “hosts” that it can possess in an attempt to re-capture physical reality by way of entering a physical body “possession”. It has no intent to move to its right place, nor does it seek help, and if help is offered, it will be forcefully rejected. This denied Will essence is capable of what we call demonic attacks, possession, and the manipulation of physical matter.

This is the Will’s aspect of denied rage but unlike the Spirits aspect of rage that also goes out to act, the Will’s rage is not the first to attack, but it is the rage that wants revenge for being attacked. Neither one of these rages has any acceptance for any input from others unless what is being presented is in agreement with its unloving agenda.

How this denied rage is created is when unexpressed anger and rage at being attacked (by unloving energy) is denied and since this real rage can’t be expressed, it has no place to go and so it has to turn back in on itself. In turning back on itself, it also reverses its polarity and now becomes unloving denied Will rage. This denied rage then sits and waits, simmering in hatred, and just waits for an opportunity for revenge, and the chance to get even, to pay back, or to get the person that did the attacking to get a taste of their own medicine, an eye for an eye.

8:26 pm As I was having a shower, I realized that another form of denied Will rage is when a person withdraws from a relationship, and after withdrawing they say that it was the other persons choice and that the other person “made their bed and now they have to lay in it.” I was thinking of how I have this type of denied Will rage with some people that have withdrawn from me, including Marian, where I have also withdrawn, but with a twisted belief that I had no issue, not realizing that the underlying motive for my apparent “calmness and acceptance” is actually cold indifferent rage, that is pretending that everything is fine and ok. I know that the people that have withdrawn from me also have their reasons and issues, but what is important for me is to find any underlying issues that I have and to resolve and heal them, and this form of denied rage is one that I never realized was there. This topic links back to Post 405

It’s interesting how you start out with one topic and end up on something totally different, yet related. Yet another piece of the puzzle being presented.



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