Post 419 Panic and denial of any form of pain

’08 Dec 06 10:30 pm A few moments ago, I heard a commotion upstairs and then it moved to the hallway landing by the front door. I went out of my room and saw Marian in a panic as she was going through things in the closet. I asked her what the problem was and she told me that she was looking for a wrist bandage as her wrist was hurting and she was looking for something to stop the pain.

I was confused as at first I thought she may have been looking for her pills or that, judging by all the ruckus, it was a medical emergency and that she was wanting to go to the emergency ward at the hospital. I said that you never mentioned that you hurt your wrist today. She replied that she did not hurt it, but that it just started hurting when she was trying to go to sleep. She also said that she took some pain pills but they weren’t working.

I went through my first aid kit and gave her an elastic bandage that she quickly wrapped around her wrist and that was the end to the disturbance. She sure doesn’t want to feel any pain, emotional, physical or mental. JR


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