Post 422 Beliefs and Judgments

’08 Dec 12 Having beliefs and judgments that go against another persons beliefs and judgments, means that you not only believe that the other persons beliefs and judgments exist, but that they are possibly truths that can over power yours. If that were not the truth, you would not be opposed and in opposition to them. If you didn’t think and believe that their beliefs and judgments were valid, you would be like an observer, listening to their story and point-of-view and having the choice to decide if what they were saying was something that you may want to explore and experience for yourself.

To make a judgment, one needs to have had a personal experience, but that doesn’t mean that you had to have the same experience as what you are judging, just similar in some ways that the mind picks up from it’s learned beliefs, or its imprints and programs that are buried in the subconscious. For a judgment to be against something or someone, it needs to have been a negative or undesirable experience, while a judgment made on an experience that is desirable is deemed acceptable. Both judgments are a form of attachment to a person, place or thing that is associated with that experience.

If you do not have an attachment to the person, place or thing, then going into the experience is neutral and is then a matter of choice based on how it feels in the present moment and it is experienced with child like wonder and excitement. If there are attachments, then one will have judgments, expectations and projections on the experience, based on past experiences that are then projected into the future. In other words, when one has judgments and beliefs, one is living in the past and the future and not in the present moment.


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