Post 425 Insights – realizations and wanting a quick fix

’08 Dec 19 I’ve had some e-mails, chats and telephone conversations with different people that say they have intent to heal and empower themselves, yet are unable or unwilling to take the plunge. What I’m realized was that while people have insights and realizations into their problems and issues and how to heal them, these insights and realizations are really not absorbed and felt, as they have yet to be experienced.

It’s much like a rock skipping across a quiet body of water. It ripples the surface (consciousness) and then moves on to the next bounce or experience and does the same thing, and although it’s “touching” the waters of consciousness, it’s not submerging itself “in” the waters of consciousness to feel the emotions and gain true understanding of what water (consciousness) really is. It makes ripples in the consciousness, but it doesn’t sink in.

I feel that these people are still looking for a “quick fix” in that they think that by talking to someone and getting an insight or realization, that this is enough to heal and empower them. That’s where the skipping rock on water comes in, as although they “get” the realization, it doesn’t sink in because they are hoping that the realization or insight is enough to fix the problems and issues they have, little knowing that the insight or realization is just that, a insight or realization, that there is a problem and what to do to heal it. What they don’t get, or understand, is that they still need to do the work to resolve and heal their issues and that takes time, effort and Heart, as it needs to be healed, layer by layer. But instead of stopping and doing the work, they feel empowered by the insight or realization and so skip off to find a quick fix for the next issue, and then wonder why all these insights and realizations are not working at healing their issues


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