Post 426 Snow and an accident

’08 Dec 20 5:10 am Yesterday we got our fist winter real winter storm and it dumped about 1 foot (30cm) of snow. Not only was it snowing but we also had wind gusts that caused drifting. I shoveled the driveway 4 times, just to avoid having to deal with 3 – 4 foot drifts. Marian had taken her car out to do some shopping and it was during that time, that the snow really came down. I had gone out and was shoveling the top of the driveway, near the house, when she came back and as I wasn’t finished, she stopped the car in the snow drift beside my truck.

When I finished shoveling the top end of the driveway, I got her car keys so that I could move her car and finish the rest of the driveway. I brushed the snow off the front windshield and stated her car. I tried to drive forward, but it was stuck. I reversed a couple of feet and this time it was moving forward, although the wheels were also spinning and slipping a little. As it was moving forward, I didn’t realize that it was drifting to the right and as I never cleared the passenger side window. I suddenly heard a snap as the car lunged up the portion of the driveway that I had cleared.

I was confused by the sound and after I parked the car, I had to look to see what made the sound. At first I didn’t see anything wrong with the car as the passenger side was covered in snow. I walked down the driveway and saw a black mark on the front fender of my truck. I then went back to the car and sure enough, the passenger mirror was cracked and broken. Aggghhhhh!

After I finished shoveling the driveway, I went in the house and told Marian what happened and she didn’t seem too disturbed. She went out shopping again later and when she came back she said that if I hadn’t told her, she wouldn’t have noticed as the mirror is working fine. She also said that she was going to put it through her insurance company. I remember the last time she broke the mirror on the driver side and it cost $300 to repair.


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