Post 427 Snow blower and issues

’08 Dec 20 With all the snow that came down yesterday and my shoveling for hours, and the snow that is on the way, Marian called someone she knows to shovel the walk as she didn’t want me to have a heart attack. It turned out that he’s on holidays until mid January, so I told her that there are lots of other guys willing to shovel snow and to look in the paper, and that there was no rush, as I wasn’t going to have a heart attack.

With another two storms in the forecast, she then decided to buy a snow blower. I tried to talk her out of it as the cost of hiring a person verses buying a snow blower and then still having to operate it wasn’t worth it, (time and money) if getting out of shoveling snow was the intent. She was determined and asked me to go with her to pick out one that was suitable.

We went to three stores and they were all sold out, but she managed to get the last one at “Sears.” It was the smallest model they had left and was almost twice the size of ones that I’ve seen that would do the job. It also had a price tag of $1,200.00 while the smaller ones that I’ve seen were around half the price. I tried talking her out of buying it as $1,200.00 would pay someone to shovel snow for years, and that buying a snow blower, still meant having someone operate it. She was adamant and money was no object, so she bought it.

I don’t get it! From bitching and moaning about having no money when she was in the townhouse, she is now spending money like there is no tomorrow. Hummm? Maybe there is no tomorrow, so why worry? She has also ordered a new bathtub insert and the works to the tune of at least $1,500.00 and she is also have a gas furnace and central air installed, and that will be close to $6,000.00 , She’s also talking about getting new windows and a patio door and a deck off the kitchen in the spring. (scratching head) When we were married, this is what I tried to keep up with to make her happy, but now, it’s her money and her problem…

Humm! That’s more of my denied Will rage coming out.

I guess. No.. not guess, I know what tics me off is that with this whole move thing, I’m doing more “stuff” that I don’t want to do, and I seem to be quietly getting sucked in. I’m a renter, I’m paying rent for a bedroom and a shared kitchen and bath, with internet, cable TV, and laundry. I buy and prepare my own food, that’s it! When I rented rooms at any of the other places I’ve stayed at, none of the little things were my responsibility. So what’s my issue, my real issue?


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