Post 428 Correcting website code errors – New website

’08 Dec 21 11:22 pm This past week I’ve been “tweaking” my websites as when I did a W3C check to validate the code there were some serious errors. I finally traced it down to two things, the template Head/Meta code and my website editor. So to correct it, I used another editor and also changed part of the header code and while my site isn’t 100% valid, it is far better than it was.

Before the changes, some pages has as many as 67 code errors, and now I’m down to between 2 – 7 errors. I could even reduce a few of them by eliminating the code, but I’d rather find out what I did wrong, instead of just deleting it. Another thing is that some of the errors mentioned refer to terms that I’m not familiar with and really don’t have the time, or desire, to go into the semantics, just so that I can claim to have a perfectly coded website…

Today I did a rough design for another website of mine called, that I hope to have up as a Wiki type site. I wanted to get it up and running, at least as a page, rather than have the domain name sit in limbo. At least this way, people will get to know it exists, as it is also linked to my other sites.


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