Post 432 An example of Fuzzy Logic

’08 Dec 26 I was reading a post in the Chakra tribe and was fascinated by the part truths that were being presented and how the people were saying one thing, but not able to connect the dots and then say something contradictory without evening realizing their contradiction, claiming instead that it was another truth. I had no desire to get involved in this fuzzy logic discussion as my point-of-view would have been missed anyway, and seen as an attack on their beliefs and judgments and on their good character and reputation.

What was basically being presented was that “thoughts” are energy, and that emotions and especially negative ones, are the result of a chemical imbalances in our body, that can be controlled by the use of such “energy” tools as physical adjustments such as acupressure and acupuncture in working with the energy meridians of the body, or by attuning the chakras, with various forms of energy work like Reiki.

What a twisted presentation! We are a spiritual “energy” being having a physical experience. Thoughts, emotions, our physical body, and all physical matter is made of energy and matter and energy are interchangeable as that is a well known scientific fact. It’s a combination of the simplistic and ignorant view of the present day medical community that labels emotions a construct of the Mind and that negative emotions are the result of chemical imbalances in the body, with that of old metaphysical dogma and techniques that really puts a twisted spin on what should be obvious to a real thinker and searcher of truth.

If everything is a form of energy, of vibration, then any imbalance within our physical body, or dis-ease, chemical or alignment has also got to be the result of a form of energy that is not aligned with our neutral or balanced state of being. It’s this energy imbalance that results in dis-ease, chemical imbalances and misalignments in our body and not the other way around,d even if metaphysical are introduced, they are, like the present day medical community, still treating the symptom and not addressing the real cause.

A closed mind looks for and re-acts to the symptoms while an open mind, responds and looks for the cause. A closed mind defends its beliefs and judgments, while and open mind challenges them.


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