Post 435 Website guest-book

’08 Dec 29 I’ve been working on getting a guest book set up on my website. My website host has one, but when I chatted with a woman about it, she told me that none of the scripts were working, so I’ve been downloading various scripts to find one that I could work with. I had uploaded one and was struggling to sort out a problem and I decided to have another look at the one that my web host was providing, but that was supposed to be inactive.

I clicked on it and I was surprised to see instruction come up to install a Advanced Guest Book. I clicked yes and in a matter of minutes, I had a top notch guest book up and running. But, there is always the proverbial but, I then had problems with logging into my Cpanel (website control panel). My website was still up, but I couldn’t get in to do any changes. After a couple of hours, I submitted a help request, explaining what I was experiencing as well as what I thought might be the problem, (blocked IP address) and sure enough, a few minutes after submitting my help request ticket, I got a reply that that was indeed the problem and they had fixed it..


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