Post 436 Will rage and fragmented denied Will rage

’08 Dec 30 6 :22 am I was thinking of R.U.O.W. and that real Will anger and rage is what springs into action that protects us from harm in the moment that it feels that any part of our being is being threatened and attacked, and it will do or say whatever is necessary to STOP the attack. Will rage will never go on the offensive, and only responds to being attacked when there is no other option and it feels our very survival is threatened. If Will rage is allowed to express itself in the moment and manner that it feels it needs to express itself, then the threat, or the attack will be removed as the attacker will have no doubt of what will happen if its unloving action are allowed to continue.

This Will rage is operating from the survival mode and will do whatever it takes to prevent physical harm and to preserve life. On the other hand, denied Spirit rage is not about survival, but its intent is on stopping anything or anyone that it deems to be a problem or threat with a preemptive strike. It’s intent is not to preserve life, but to control it and kill it if necessary to get what it wants.

If Will rage is denied her expression in the moment that she rises to reject the unloving attack, she is then forced to back down into submission and inaction. It’s at this point that she not only fragments, but the fragmented part is also forced to go back on itself and to do that means reversing its polarity. And now instead of just having our Will rage defending our being against being attacked, we also have a denied Will rage fragment that now becomes the aggressor and attacks anything and anyone that is deemed a threat. This denied Will rage fragment becomes the one looking for a fight, which is just the opposite, the reverse of what the Will rage intent is. This denied Will rage now looks and feels very much like Spirit rage, but when examined, you can see and feel where the fragmentation took place.

This denied Will rage is a fragment of Will rage, that sits as another voice in the background of our consciousness, giving judgments and advise as to how it could handle the situation better, and vows to take action next time something similar happens. This denied Will rage either forms an alliance with the conscious mind, or it takes it over with the sole intent of not allowing anything to harm our being, but because it is of reversed polarity, it’s intent and actions are no longer loving and coming from the survival mode, but has shifted to the attack mode to thwart off any “conceived” threat according to it’s imprints, programs and beliefs, ready to snap at the first hint (real or imagined) of any provocation that is deemed a threat. It’s not responding to the situation like the real Will rage, but is re-acting to it, It always “justifies” its actions, even if the judgments it made at the time of its re-action prove to be false and inaccurate, it would claim that it “could” or “would” have been, had it not acted as it did. Again like in dealing with anyone in denial or in rage, there is no talking to them that will change their point-of-view.


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