Post 437 Spirit rage and denied Spirit rage

Thinking of Wills rage in the previous got me thinking of Spirit rage and I keep thinking of the R.U.O.W material and how God didn’t want to be disturbed from his reverie and unconsciously sent out a piece of himself his rage (fragmented) to get rid of the thing (the Will) that was bothering him by moving (life) – life is movement, vibration. This fragment had no consciousness as to who and what it was attacking, it was only attacking to stop the movement that it deemed was an attack. The movement wasn’t an attack, but merely something different than what was being experienced and so the imprint was put in place that being different is wrong, is bad and needs to be stopped.

When this Spirit rage fragment attacked the Will, it was repelled by the Wills survival rage. When it was repelled, it also had to reverse itself or go back on itself and in doing so, it also reversed its polarity. It then returned to its source and struck God, and because this rage was now of the reverse polarity, it imprinted God (Mind) that the Will had struck it first and that the Will was evil and unloving.

Humm? So Spirit rage fragmented by a lack of consciousness and openness on Gods (Minds) part to investigate what it deemed was undesirable and therefore unacceptable. If it, (the Will) had been the same or similar, then there would have been no problem, but this movement was not only different it was also UNKNOWN and because it’s unknown, it has to be stopped as its interfering with the status quo.


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