Post 442 New furnace and house repairs

‘09 Jan 09 Friday 11:00 pm A couple of guys that are going to install the furnace and air conditioner stopped by to do some prep work. They cut holes in the bedroom ceilings downstairs for ducting, and they also removed some baseboard and drywall upstairs. After they left, Marian came downstairs and commented on the holes and said that we’ll have to get them fixed. I looked at her and said, “We, you mean you’ll have to get them fixed?” She mumbled something and changed the subject and then went back upstairs.

’09 Jan 10 Sat. The two furnace guys were back at 7:30 am and were finished by 4:30 pm. By early afternoon the house was getting cold as the electric heaters had been cut off. By the time they finished the temperature was down to 15 C in the lower level. The furnace was turned on and although it was 21 C upstairs, it was 18C downstairs.

After the men left, I looked at the carnage and although it doesn’t seem like a lot, fixing it will be a big job. Not only do the holes need to be patched and some new baseboards installed and painted, but the ceilings will have to be painted on the lower level as well as will the walls. One wall in each of the upstairs rooms will also have to be patched and painted. I can’t see her settling of a colour match as she will be wanting all the rooms to be painted. So that’s basically the whole house.

At one time the two guys and Marian and I were talking about fixing the holes and stuff and one guy said that he saved the drywall that they cut from the ceiling because “we” would need them to repair the damage. I said, “Not we or me” and Marian chimed in that yes, he owes me, as he broke the mirror on my car. I looked at her and said, “I’ve paid you back with interest with all the things I’ve done around here, that are not my job or responsibility. She went quite and the two guys went off to work and she went back upstairs. I knew she would be trying to use that broken car mirror as leverage to get me to do what she wanted, that I owe her and need to pay her back.


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