Post 443 Intent – Courage and denial

’09 Jan 12 For the past few days I’ve been involved in chats, e-mails and in postings in the RUOW tribe, and what has been the common theme is that while people say that they want to end their denials and heal their issues, they are unaware that they are in denial of being in denial. And while they may get insights and understandings, without putting those insights and understandings into practice, they are in denial, and then they wonder why the same or similar issues come up. Even when the unseen role of denial is exposed, it’s still denied and some feel that healing is impossible, while others are angry at having their hidden denials exposed.

I’m in the process of writing my second book so I’m using these experiences to go back to my journey to see how I figured it out and I keep getting “intent” and “courage.” Intent to heal and the courage to do it and put it into practice.

I’m not saying that my personal way and experiences is the only way, but if a persons prime intent is to end denials and to heal ones issues, then there is only “one way” that works as any denial, however subtle, negates the intent. While there is only one way to end denial, each person will have to face their individual denials and healing experiences so that makes each journey different, yet all are moving in the same direction.

While there are many paths and routes to the top of the mountain, the one thing that is common for all is the view from the top. You will never reach your goal, if you do not climb, and climbing will take intent and effort as this journey is all about YOU……. Each journey building on the last and so onward and upward we go, and as we do, we heal and empower ourselves and look back at our journey with gratitude and confidence saying, “Been there done that,” and look forward, with excitement, to the new challenges and opportunities that the next mountain will bring us.


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