Post 446 Being cold and adjusting the heat

’09 Jan 16 4:43 am When I originally moved into the lower level (basement) I spent the first couple of week trying to adjust the electric heat so that my room was comfortable. The problem was that the thermostat was out in the lower hallway, but the heaters were in the bedrooms and bathroom. There was also a heater in the laundry room/storage area that was beside the door and the other thermostat in the hall. I finally figured out that al the doors would have to be closed so that no extra heat went into the hallway, that would give the thermostat a higher reading than what was actually in the room. The only door that was left open was the bathroom door that had a small heater. With this setup, the hall, and bedrooms were around 20C.

Now that the gas furnace is installed, and the electric baseboard removed, there is only one thermostat for the whole house, that being at the top of the stairway landing on the upper level. Because hot air rises, I’ve been systematically closing off the hot air registers upstairs so that more warm air flows downstairs as there was a 5 degree difference, the upper is 21C (70F) and the lower level is at 16C (60F)

I finally got the upper and lower levels to be within one degree C but to do that, all the doors to the rooms on the lower levels have to be closed because if they are open, then the warm air will rise up the stairwell and affect the thermostat that is at the top of the stairs. I feel that in the summertime, when the air conditioner is on, I’ll have to do the reverse. Until I got this heating issue resolved, I was cold 90% of the time as the temperature would drop at times to 16C and while that’s not cold, it is cool if you are just sitting and trying to type. With a 5C degree swing in temperature, I was either cold, or if I put a sweater on, I would be sweating when the heat came on.


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