Post 449 I’m Back…. But…….. !

I’m Back! I got my laptop back last Friday afternoon. It turns out that the laptop monitor and/or cables were defective and had to be replaced. While that’s good that it’s fixed, it’s also bad as the new monitor doesn’t work like the old one did and I find it hard on the eyes. The wording seems to be what I call pixilated or made up of dots that give jagged edges to words and also cause white spaces to be where black should be. Also when I highlight some text in MSword, instead of it being a reversed, black background and white text, it’s a black background with a white and rainbow text. The other thing that I noticed is that if I set my mouse to slowly scroll a web page or a document, I can’t read the words as they are constantly moving, not moving as in scrolling, but in a herkey jerky, stop and go type of blurry movement that makes it impossible to read.

I called Staples and they are going to have a look at it when I bring my laptop in to get the new battery installed.


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