Post 451 Religions – same but different

‘09 Feb 09 1:48 am I woke up thinking about religions and realized that of the major organized religions locked in conflict, three share a common heritage yet have different and conflicting beliefs. The three religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. All three religions share the Jewish old testament as the root for their religious beliefs, although all are basically opposed to each others rituals, doctrines and dogma.

The Jews remain fixed on the old testament and the Torah, and assign a temporary “savior” role to the profit Moses that lead then out of Egypt and they don’t accept the Christian or Muslin religions as valid. The Christians, combine the Old Testament and the New Testament with Jesus as their savior. And lastly, the Muslims acknowledge both the Old and New Testament, but add to it with the Qur’an (Koran) and have the profit Mohammed as their savior. Common roots, yet all are locked in bitter conflict, especially when it comes to Jews and Christians against Muslins. Things that make you go hummm?


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