Post 455 Fighting for a cause.

‘09 Feb 17 Fighting for a cause, for justice, for freedom or whatever noble the cause may be is still getting caught up in unresolved issues of feeling that one has no power or control over their experiences and they think that by fighting and opposing them, they can somehow change their outer reality to one that they desire. While there is a part-truth in that belief, that you have to stand up to your oppressors, it’s not about overpowering or changing them, but about changing yourself and healing the underlying issues of the victim mentality and the imprints and beliefs that have sustained that reality with the belief that fighting to stop the external abuse is not only necessary, but justified as the only solution. In reality, the real battle that is going on is inside you and that is where you need to do battle and take a stand to stop the inner oppression of you fighting the other parts of your being, instead of the reflection that the outer reality is presenting to you that you think is the problem. Yes, the outer reflection is also a problem but it is merely reflecting your own inner battle and denials that have created the external manifestation. Once we end the inner battle, the outer reality also changes.


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