Post 457 The value of hindsight

'09 Feb 19 Having the awareness of how you have denied expressing yourself and how you re-acted to the situation based on your old imprints, programs and beliefs is not healing or even an insight, but is in fact, hindsight. While this hindsight is in itself not a mental, emotional or physical healing, the mental understandings derived from the experience can be used toward one, if, and only if, you put what you have learned in hindsight into practice the next time you are activated into a similar experience or situation. But, there is always the proverbial but, and while this seems so simple and easy to do, I assure you it is one of the most difficult. To do what the Mind has never done is no easy task as the Mind needs to be clear and not in the fog of its old imprints, programs, beliefs and false emotions, or it will miss the split second opportunity it has to free itself, and again be trapped, re-acting to the situation as it did in the past, and then to late realizing again in hindsight, that it was yet another opportunity to heal an unresolved issue. And so the not so merry-go-round continues.

When the mind has a hindsight, its first reaction is to be happy and elated as it thinks that it has solved the problem and has healed the issue. However, when the same situation happens again and again, getting the same hindsight again and again, the Mind feels is filled with blame, anger, self-hatred, guilt and shame helplessness and a sense of hopelessness and feels that its attempts at ending denial and healing are futile. Hindsight is good thing in that you can use it as foresight to see and feel if when you a re being activated again, that it is actually a repeat of a past issues in a different form. The mind would be quite happy to attempt to heal if it knew who, what, where, when why and how it was going to happen as then it would have all the answers before hand. It would be like playing a game of poker, knowing what cards the other players were holding and what they were going to do. Then the mind would confidently say… “ahh ha! I know what is going to happen, this is a repeat, so I will not do or say this or that, and the unpleasant experience will not happen to me. Unfortunately healing doesn’t work that way as the Mind needs to be triggered by a similar experience to see if the mind truly understands the unseen role of denial and that the present experience is not the original experience being replayed, but is instead an opportunity for healing the unresolved issues.

The conscious Mind has the ability to differentiate if this experience is the same (original) experience or if it is a different experience that is similar in nature to the original. Unfortunately the Mind has only a fraction of a second to make a decision based on its observations and feelings of the situation before it is overridden by its imprints, programs and beliefs and then has no choice but to react by going into the fight, run or give up mode. Armed with the knowledge of hindsight, the Mind now needs to be aware of the present moment and have the foresight to see and feel if what is happening relates to the previous hindsight’s. When it becomes aware of the hindsight and applies that knowledge to the present situation it has the foresight to reverse itself from what its old imprints, programs and beliefs say it should do. It is in this moment, and only in this moment, that you then have a healing breakthrough and a insight.

Healing is not a quick fix and you will need to experience and have countless activations and hindsight’s so that the mind will eventually not only have the awareness of what is happening in the moment, but also will have the foresight to choose to end its denials and respond to the situation, instead of re-acting to as it has been doing. This breakthrough will create a totally different experience and break the cycle. Hindsight needs to be used as a stepping stone toward healing and not as the healing experience.

Hindsight is when you realize what happened after the fact.
Foresight is when you apply hindsight to the present experience to gain insight
Insight is the moment when you realize that you are experiencing something different and unique.

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