Post 460 My second book

'09 Mar 01 I’ve been working on my second book and it going slower that I would like. I’ve gone from adding pages to embellish what I had already written so that it can be read as a stand alone work, to now needing to cut back as I have too much material. I also need to organize it as some of the material is also overlapping and while it would be nice to not have to repeat myself, it’s also difficult, if not impossible to do when so many things are interrelated. Again, like my first book, I feel overwhelmed at times as there seems so much to say and I feel that I’ll miss important material, or that I will only confuse the reader, as I try to put the pieces of the puzzle together in written form.

Hummm, Interesting! As I typed the last sentence for my blog, I felt that I’m taking way too much responsibility as it is up to the reader to put the pieces together by applying what I share to their lives. The pieces only fit if and when you experience them….. not by having mental knowledge of them. You don’t learn to ride a bike by reading a book, you need to experience it to know how it works for yourself and then you will see how all the pieces of the bike fit together and work.


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