Post 464 On seeing the “other” side of you

’09 March 12 I was at the doctors office for a review of my physical and I was sitting in the L shaped waiting room on the end of a row of seats, and to my right was a woman that was also waiting to see the doctor. We had a brief conversation about a magazine that I was looking at that had been left on the seat. When two other patients were called in to an examination room to await the doctor, I moved so that I could be near the magazine table. The woman that I was sitting next to, look at me with a puzzled expression on her face. I jokingly commented that I moved to this chair so that I could see the “other” side of her. That I had seen one side and now I was interested in seeing her from the other side. She paused for a moment and then she another lady that was in the waiting room broke into laughter. She remarked that she had never heard anyone say that before. I replied that I’ve never said it before and that I just created it in the moment. She was smiling and still chucking a few minutes later when she was called into an examination room.

PS: All the tests came back with no problems. The only things she suggested was that I take vitamin B12 as that was a bit low.

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