Post 465 Lack of a proper role model

’09 Mar 13. We go through stages of life and every 7 years, we enter a different stage of development. The first 7 years in a child’s life are the most formidable and the most traumatic. During this time, they have a variety of physical, emotional and mental needs that are primarily fulfilled by their parents. The parents however, are preoccupied with their own issues. like earning a living and maintaining a home and other family functions and have little time or are not in the mood to look into any of the child’s real feelings and needs. The second critical stage of development is from 7- 14 years where the child begins to interact with society in general, through school, friends and peers. From 14 to 21 as the child becomes an adult and begins to build more intimate relationships as they prepare to leave home and their immediate family

Children are not born with any religious beliefs or social customs and traditions that define moral behavior, values or the social skills they will use throughout their life. These are leaned behaviors and their prime teachers and role models are their parents. Whatever imprints, programs, beliefs, issues and problems the parents have, will also have a direct bearing on the child and its view of the world. Children mimic their parents until they are old enough to understand and choose to act independently. Then they either choose to follow in their parents footsteps, or to follow a different path, yet having as a core, the unseen imprints programs and beliefs that their parents had, just in varying degrees of reversal.


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