Post 466 Life Purpose the Meaning of life

‘09 Mar 18 This morning I was in a chat and it became clear as to what my and others life purpose really is. I mean on a very basic and core level and not some superficial concept of what my job is that fits into the social concept of our life purpose and mission.

In explaining to the person in the chat (a professed atheist, raised with strong parental catholic beliefs) so that they could understand, gave me a deeper and more profound understanding. I’ve had a basic understanding of my life purpose for a while, but I never really understood the dynamics of it all as now it took on a whole new meaning and dimension.

I began by explaining that we are a Spiritual (energy) being having a physical experience. That statement means that we acknowledge that we are more than just a physical body. And that when I say that we are a Spiritual being it has nothing to do with any organized man made religion. So as a Spiritual (energy) being, we choose to experience a denser, lower vibration physical life and one that can’t be experienced in the Spiritual realm, as to be experienced, it need to be manifest with some physical form or body.

Ever since our first incarnation where we fragmented and cut a piece of ourselves off from the main part of our essence in order to return to the Spirit realm, we have been in a cycle of reincarnation and karma. While some seek only the pleasures of the physical reality, others are re-born to try to recover what had been lost. When we are in the physical plane and when we fragment, those pieces of us are left here on Earth, they do not magically come with us when we die and the major part of our essence returns to the Spirit realm. And, contrary to religious beliefs, being in Spirit form doesn’t mean you are in heaven and have left all your cares and worries behind you, and that you are now enjoying a life or reverie and bliss with the loved ones. When we are in the Spirit realm of consciousness, we are fully aware of the lost fragmented pieces of our being and that without them, we are incomplete and not whole. Our choice is then to reincarnate to save and re-claim those lost pieces of our being, so that is where reincarnation and Karma come into play. We have been retuning to Earth (and other realms) time after time in an attempt to recover and heal, but have been failing thus far as we were unaware of the unseen role that denial played in both our fragmentation and our inability to re-claim our lost essence.

So the purpose of our being born or re-born and to have a physical life is to heal and become whole, to be at one with all that we are, so that no longer is any part of our essence held separate from our being by our denials. The parts of us that fragmented, not only felt hate and unlovingness from others but also from ourselves when we rejected them. Not only were these parts rejected, they were also forced to hold that hate and unloving energy directed at them. So the purpose of this life-time is to end our denials of ourselves and to recover our lost essence and power not only in this life time, but in all life times that we have experienced.

It’s not about our career choice or of us making a contribution and leaving our “mark” in the world, but in learning to love ourselves unconditionally and to re-connect with our lost essence. When we do that, what we will experience will be something that we have yet to dream.

So why do we forget all this when we are born? If we were born with the awareness of what our purpose was and the ability to recognize the unseen role of denial, then we would have already healed our issues. We were NOT aware of the unseen role of denial, as it is only now coming to our awareness, and only for those that choose to see, feel and heal. As I wrote that I felt that some of the children that are now being born not only have that awareness, but the intent and the power and ability, to not be in denial, or to accept any form of denial or unlovingness.


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