Post 468 Insights and quotes.

’09 March 25 In the process of writing my second book and in various chats the past couple of weeks, I’ve come up with a few noteworthy insights and quotes that I want to share with you.

“It’s not about finding and experiencing things that make you happy, it’s about being happy and excited about the things you are experiencing.”

“Being habitually abused and a victim, means you are addicted to hate, both by others and your own self-hatred

“You are afraid of being hated and rejected, because you are already doing a good job at it“

“Luck… Lucky… there are no coincidences and having good or bad luck is a judgment based on expectations. “

“The first step to solving a problem is being aware and acknowledging that there is a problem”

“After you have knowingly denied yourself for a third time, you are caught in the gap of your denial.”

“Your best teachers are the mistakes you make”

“You give your power away when you are in a state of denial.”

“Judgments are thought form frozen in time and attached to the thinker.”

“You are not afraid of death, but rather you are afraid of life.”

“Awakening is not what you desire, as sleeping is what you know.”

Hindsight is when you realize what happened after the fact.
Foresight is when you apply hindsight to the present experience to gain insight
Insight is the moment when you realize that you are experiencing something different and unique.”

“When all that is false has been removed, the truth is obvious.

“The Truth is simple, it is the denials and lies that are complicated.”

Hope is a word based on expectation, that is used to replace the word doubt.”

“I am not a skeptic, I am a seeker of the truth.”

“Being in denial is known and comfortable, telling the truth isn’t.”

“Unconditional Love begins with U.”

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