Post 469 Bent Intent

’09 March 26 I’ve been working on my second book and also involved in several chats and emails with people that are working on ending their denials and healing their issues. While they all have different issues, the underlying feelings and emotions are the same. What was becoming clear to me was the unseen role of denial, denial of being in denial, and that the intent was bent, or twisted. If intent is not clear and focused, then it is impossible to see ones denials or to be open to end them when they are exposed.

While the conscious intent may be to heal and empowered oneself, it is the underlying denials that are sabotaging healing as there is a hidden ulterior motive that is not being expressed, but is being denied. The ulterior may be to prove that you are worthy of being loved, that you are not a failure, that you are a success, that you will make them love and accept you, that you now have power over those that abused you, that you are right and they are wrong, or you have a vision of saving others or the planet. etc, etc. These are just a few of the hidden agendas that thwart healing and keep you running around in circles. Once you have found the bent intent and the judgments or expectations you have, then you need to clarify your intent to find the underlying issues and beliefs surrounding the hidden agenda and then follow up by applying action to your intent.


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