Post 470 Lies and Denials

’09 March 29 When I was talking with Marian today, I realized how strongly denials and lies go hand in hand. If it’s not a denial of the truth, then it’s a part truth or the fabrication of a lie (called a truth) to justify her judgments and actions to remain in control of the situation or experience. She tells me one story and another person a different version. Believing that we will never talk about it to each other, she feels safe and secure in her denials, lies and deception that have now become her way of living.

I also realized more fully the two reasons that people cry. One is because they are mentally, emotionally or physically hurt and in pain, and the other is an act self-gratification and selfishness to gain sympathy and support because they are unhappy and can’t get what they want, or they want what others have. Alligator tears are a good example of this form of the use of false emotions to cover up their true intent with lies and deception in order to control and manipulate others to get what they want.

The other aspect of this is when a person that has real feelings and emotions has been hurt, but they deny expressing themselves, so to give the false presentation face, that they are strong and unaffected by an unloving attack. And then there are the people that give the same unaffected presentation face, but because they lack real feelings and emotions, their action is genuine. So if you are merely trying to “read” a person by their outward actions, you can be easily fooled unless you go by your intuition and feelings as to what is really going on.


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