Post 478 Saving others

In healing and empowering yourself, you need to end your denials of the unpleasant experiences you are having that are for your healing benefit. Someone “saving” you is not doing you a service or being loving, by denying you the opportunity to heal your issues that the unpleasant experiences were providing you. Not “saving” others means allowing your family and friends free Will and choice to experience what they are experiencing that will also allow them to heal and empower themselves.

In my third eye, I just saw children, young children and babies suffering. I felt the urge to want to help, but even helping one child meant that I was now going to be responsible for that child and the more that I do to “save” the more I limit myself as I now I can’t just leave them, as they “need” me and if I did want to get away, I would need to get another person to look after them. It’s subtle, but saving others out of responsibility, duty, guilt or whatever worthy cause is a way of getting in the old world of denial and control. By helping, I was also limiting and denying their experience and healing opportunity.

Aggggg! That’s so difficult to accept, but then my old judgments are that a child is supposed to have a happy childhood, be healthy and educated, get a job, get married and have children and live a happy life. That’s part of my imprints, programs and beliefs and also, lost hopes, dreams and desires based in the old world reality.

Who is to say that the child’s purpose was to experience exactly what they are experiencing. This is their reality and even though it goes against all my old imprints, programs and beliefs, it is the truth and so the loving thing for me to do is to accept its choices and experiences just as I had to accept all the unloving experiences I had, based on the choices I had made for my journey… Hummm? Am I missing something?

Love is
Compassion – not judgment
Connection – not attachment
Acceptance – not denial.


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