Post 480 A developed Mind and the physical brain

‘09 April 16 A developed or intelligent Mind is not one that is able to simply repeat the thoughts and ideas of others, but rather one that is able to think and comprehend original thoughts on its own, that can problem solve and find unique solutions, instead of merely having known solutions for that particular problem or issue. A Mind (thoughts ideas, reason, logic) that is full of knowledge is really a closed and limited mind and not one that has developed its full potential which includes not only using the other aspects of the left brain that are taken up with old imprints, programs and beliefs, but also accepting and utilizing the input and qualities of the right side of the brain the Will (intuition, feelings, emotions) that has never been allowed to develop and have any real physical expression, except under the control and guide lines of the Mind.

Society defines a free thinker (one that uses the left side of their brain) a genius, a person with a high IQ (intelligence quotient) yet even the most intelligent mind, is limited by its fear of the unknown that prevents it from exploring the unknown and challenging what it believes to be true. Even when one has a creative gift or talent that is related to the right side of the brain, it is only given social acceptance if that gift or talent can be directly attributed to the Mind and the left side or the brain. It’s not enough to play a musical instrument or to be able to sing, to be accepted, one must also be able to write or understand musical theory and composition and have been “trained” by a so-called professional to be recognized, which of course is rubbish and old world mentality


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