Post 481 Canon Powershot A560 Digital Camera

I presently have three SLR (film) cameras that don’t work or that I’m not happy with. The Praktica Nova 1B (1970) is my old manual SLR with great lens, but the shutter keeps sticking so it’s had its day as it costs to much to fix and there is no guarantee. My daughter gave me her old Canon AE1 but it’s lens are not as good as my old Praktica camera and it uses batteries, so there is a leaning curve as how to use it that I never explored by taking a lot of pictures, as it costs money for film and developing that I really don’t have. My daughter then bought me the Minolta 3xi that is even more complicated and has an automatic self-focusing lens and other gadgets that I also haven’t explored fro the same reason. Another thing that tics me off is that none of the lenses are inter-changeable.

I also have a Sony digital handycam that my son gave me a few years ago, a few years ago that also takes digital pictures, but the quality is not that great. Recently I have been getting the feeling that I needed to get a good quality digital camera. Not that it needed to be a SLR, but it needed to take clear, crisp pictures. I searched Kijiji and found a woman in London, Ontario that was selling her Canon, Powershot A560 camera. It has 7.1 megapixels and a 4x optical zoom. I checked various reviews on the internet and decided to get it as Marian has a A570 model and it takes good pictures, and this one, included a 2GB memory card, was about 1/4 the price that Marian paid last year for hers.

What I like about it is that I can take most of the pictures I want and view and edit them on my computer and then, only get prints of the ones that I want, instead of all 24 or 36 that film offers. It’s a mid-range digital camera and is one that I feel I can use for whatever it is I need to film and to enable me to see what I want in a better digital camera, or a Digital-SLR should I decide to get one later.


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