Post 482 My new “older” image

I stopped cutting my hair cut short back in February and I also began growing a goatee. I used to have longer hair and a full beard when I was in my mid 30’s after I started my own business. At the time, I felt it made me look older as I was getting comments that I was too young and didn’t “look” like I had the experience and expertise that I said I had. It worked, or so it seemed to, as my business grew. At that time I was not aware of denial and my issues like I am now.

Now that I’m older, keeping my hair short and being clean shaven makes me look younger as it hides my salt and pepper hair colour. When you’re older, looking younger is not a problem as it’s considered a compliment, but now the issue comes up as to why do I want to look younger than I am. To get in touch with this issue is the reason I’m letting my hair grow, exposing my salt and pepper hair and beard colour that makes me look older. The picture in my blog profile was taken two years ago in 2007 and this one in April of 2009.

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