Post 483 Dream of dying and being re-membered

‘09 April 19 7:23 am I awoke from a dream where I was driving my truck and as I rounded a corner, I ran into a large piece of construction equipment that was taking up both lanes of the road. It was being used to chew up the road asphalt and had a large rotating cylinder with knives protruding from it that hacked up the asphalt, much like a wood chipper shreds and mulches tree branches, except a lot bigger.

I don’t remember hitting the road shredder, all I remember is just suddenly seeing it in front of me and not being able to avoid it. The next thing I remember was being outside and looking down on the scene from the other end or from behind the equipment I had hit. I was on a telephone pole and now watching the scene at the exact the moment the truck drove into the road shredder with blades and pieces of metal from the truck flying off in all directions.

While on the telephone pole, I was talking to a guy I had met before and he looked puzzled that I was there. We both made our way down the pole and walked to the front of the machine where the truck was embedded. People were stopping and standing around as workers hooked a tow chain to a caterpillar and pulled the truck out. Other workers were pulling body parts out of the truck and machinery and laying them on the ground beside what was left of the the truck. I walked over and saw a torso, parts of legs and arms, but no head, I ralized that I had been dismembered. I knew it was my body and without hesitation or a second thought, I walked over to where my body parts were and they began to re-assemble themselves, putting the pieces back together again, re-membering my body.

The next moment, I was inside my body and waiting for my head to be brought over. When the guy carrying my head came over saw the rest of my body whole, he dropped my head in disbelief. My head rolled over to my body and re-attached itself. When it was on, I stood up and walked over to the workers and asked if I could get some help in getting some important stuff out of the back of truck. They were in shock and disbelief as they looked over to where they had put the body parts and now there was nothing there, not even any blood. They looked at me, mouths open, there was not a scratch on my body and even my clothes looked like new.

The police and ambulance personal arrived asking where the drivers body was and the workers said that there was a body, but that now there is no body and they pointed to me saying that he was the driver of the truck. Bystanders couldn’t believe what had happened and even a couple of them that had taken pictures of the body parts with their cell phones were now taking pictures of me walking around the accident site, carrying a small box under one arm that I had retrieved from the back of the truck.

I woke up.

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