Post 486 Not wanting to work anymore

’09 April 25 Saturday 12:30 pm: When I was at work on Friday night I got the strongest feeling that I didn’t want t to work anymore, I mean it was a feeling like I have never had before in that I didn’t care about anything, the job, money, responsibility, future, nothing mattered and I felt good about it.

I felt that I no longer wanted to force myself to do what I really don’t want to do to live. Working is not fun; I mean I’m not opposed to doing something physical, just not for the same reasons that I’ve been doing it all my life. I had to work as a child, do chores, look after siblings, go to school, then later get a job, earn money and the list goes on and on. Always doing things I didn’t want to do so that in EXCHANGE…. I’d get money that I could then EXCAHNGE to get and do what I really wanted to do.

Humm? I feel it’s time to cut out the “middle man” the money EXCHANGERS…… LOL 😆 I’m laughing as that is exactly what is beginning to happen now with the financial crisis. The money lenders (banks and institutions) are about to loose their power and control and with that will come a BIG reality check for everyone when money is really seen for what it is… worthless and useless. The only value it has is the value and worth we give it by giving up part of our essence in exchange for it. It’s another form of self sacrifice and attachment and one that is so ingrained in our social beliefs and mentality that we feel it’s a part of life and that we can’t exist without it. If it’s not money, then it’s the exchange belief that we have bought into, in having to do something to get something in order to live.

Today is my last day at work.

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