Post 487 Imagination and Manifestation

April 28 Tuesday 8:26 am. Imagination is the power to create your reality in the present moment. It’s taking an idea, a thought and coupling it with a feeling of desire to create a form by which it can be expressed. There is no denial or expectation present, only the awe, wonder and excitement of experiencing thought and desire manifesting or creating reality.

It’s difficult to explain what I was feeling and experiencing or how it happens, but it can happen on the Astral plane or any other plane of existence as well as on the physical plane and reality in healing the body, in shapeshifting form changes and in just creating and manifesting something in a space where there was nothing.

Hummm? I feel that I have just discovered the door to manifesting and peeked through the keyhole and caught a glimpse of another reality. I feel that this is also tied in with what I felt a few days ago and having to do with work, where working will be a thing of the past in that you will no longer have to work at doing something you don’t want to have what you desire, you can just manifest it, and it’s also related to my dream about re-membering myself, healing my body after having an accident. (Post 483) Things that make you go… Hummmm? 


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