Post 488 Confrontation and intimidation

’09 May 01 6:40 am A big issue we have is with confrontation and trying to avoid it. While on the surface all conflict appears to be one and the same, there are in fact two entirely different forms and each are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. One form of conflict arises from the Spirit polarity people that loss of control and that others are not following or doing what is aligned with their “hidden” agenda. And the other end of the spectrum are the Will polarity people that feel powerless and are afraid they are going to do or say something wrong that will create conflict as saying or doing anything in opposition creates conflict. The Will polarity people are also afraid to express themselves as they feel their feelings and emotions are wrong and are deemed to be the problem and cause of the conflict. Spirit polarity people are the ones in control while the Will polarity people are being controlled.

But, there is always the proverbial but, in that a Will polarity person in denial is also in control and seeking to control self or others. To confuse things even more, Spirit polarity people can “act” the part of not having any power or control in their lives, playing the “oh poor me” syndrome, but… again another but, this “oh poor me” syndrome is also played out with a Will polarity person that is trapped and going in circles because of their denials and fear of confrontation.

The more you get into ending your denials, the more you begin see how twisted and convoluted this whole duality reality really is. Trying to figure out who is who, and what is what, and trying to define and change the system is pointless and impossible as the rules keep changing to suit their denied hidden agendas. There is however one way to end the cycle of conflict without trying to change the system, as changing the system would still involve denial and power and control issues. The way to end the cycle of conflict is to step off of the not-so-merry-go-round of the old system reality and into a new reality

They key to removing your self from the old system and cycle is by clearing the air and challenging what is being said or done. To do that you need be real and express what you are really feeling in the moment you feel you are being attacked and controlled by another and that includes, man, woman, child, elderly cripple, animal, in fact, anyone or anything that is attacking you must be challenged. It doesn’t mater if they are Spirit polarity or Will polarity in denial as both are unloving and controlling. Challenging them and being forthright will expose their true intent and will empower you. Not that you will now have power and control over them, but that you have ended your denials of self by expressing yourself and in so doing, you are not accepting their unloving energy that they are using to control you. Expressing your truth in the moment is the self-love that empowers you and ends the conflict and battle.

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