Post 489 Throat – Sound – 5th chakra – Heart

Post 489 Throat – Sound – 5th chakra – Heart
’09 May 04 2:30am….. Dream……. It was like I was on location, watching a TV medical drama series being made. The scene being shot was of doctors investigating a horrific accident where several people had died. There were several bodies and also many body parts that were being put in a bag for transport away from the accident scene. One of the doctors noticed the partial head and throat that was about to be put in a body bag and she stopped another doctor from covering it up so that she could have a closer look. She noticed that the membrane around the vocal chords was not calcified or hardened in this older person and she was wondering why this was so. I was observing all this and as she said that I suddenly knew the significance of what was happening with this area of the throat and the throat chakra.

There is a membrane associated with the vocal chords that becomes calcified or scared as a person gets older, which is also associated with sex and organism. As this (space) becomes calcified, the 5th or throat chakra is no longer able to be at the back of the throat to vibrate sound as it should be, and is now moved to a lower position just above the Thymus gland. While Light is directly associated with life, what has been overlooked is that sound is also vital to life. Light is an aspect of Spirit (Mind) while sound is an aspect of Soul (Will – intuition, feelings and emotions) and without Soul and the lower vibrations or frequency of sound, there is no life. Sound is a key factor in manifesting our desires and if the Soul (Will) is denied physical expression (verbal sound) then the throat chakra is also being denied and is not allowed to be in the throat where it belongs, but is instead, forced to vibrate from the area near the top of the thymus gland which is where it remains when only Spirit (Mind) is allowed to physically express itself.
I woke up………

Hummm? So what does all this mean to me? It means that I need to find not only the reason for this blockage in my throat, but to also find and heal the feelings and emotions that have been denied that allowed this calcification to physically happen. I feel that this is also a key part in manifesting what I desire, to not only think (Spirit-Mind) and see or visualize what I desire but to also feel and emotionalize what I desire with sound. That’s when I’ll be able to move out of judgment and expectations and into the “now,” the present moment and will be able to create what my Heart desires.

So how do I do that? Another unknown, another thing that I have to learn how to do by trial and error, but that’s Ok. I feel that it’s not about having a good singing voice and while singing is part of it, that’s not what this is about as a good singing voice is also produced by Spirit with little or no Soul or Heart presence. Hummm? So just what is this sound?

I flashed to the Right Use Of Will ( R.U.O.W.) books as I remembered something about the unsung song of Heart. That without Heart presence allowing the Soul (Will) to express herself, only Spirit and heartlessness is actually being heard, along with the small part of Heart and Will that is accepted and is allowed to move and express itself. Because there is so little Will/Heart presence being expressed, that is why creation is like it is. I feel that it’s now time for Heart to be born and to be given a voice along with the Will and that is something that has never happened before, as all that the Wills Heart got at the dawn of creation was a smack by the psychopathic killer and Lucifer that either killed or injured it when it moved on a leap of desire to the light that was coming toward it, but instead of love greeting it and giving it voice,(sound) it was fragmented, when struck by a wave of hate.

I just went to my RUOW books as I remembered the title of one was associated with this topic. I directly picked up the yellow book, (the 5th in the series) called “Heart Song” “Vibrating Heartlessness to let Heart in” and I opened to page 181. The first two paragraphs read as follows.

“Because of what happened to you in Original cause, you do not know what life or love is. A cruel smack was all that you ever knew of Me and hatred grew, but you did not know it was hatred you were vibrating to. You leaped in response to desire to have this light come to you and did not know it was hatred you were responding to. When this Light hit, it penetrated you. Now you have or decide if this is wrong light for you, because if it is, you have a lot of work o do”.

“To move in the presence of hatred is not an easy thing to do. If emotional movement brings up self-hatred, this light penetrated you, and this means you need to move your emotions in privacy until you find intent to move out of hating yourself for having them. Once you have compassion for yourself, love can be born.”

To be continued I’m sure…

NOTE: I have written three books on my healing journey and you can download free PDF copies from my website at the following link… .


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