Post 490 Self-sacrifice – Self-love

In sacrificing yourself to a person, place or thing, be it out a sense of duty, honor, responsibility, pride, righteousness, etc., you may think that you are being loving, but what you fail to recognize is that by sacrificing yourself, you are giving your power away to what is not love, but hate, as love doesn’t demand or ask for self-sacrifice. Your so-called act of love in sacrificing yourself, is nothing more than self-hatred. You believe you have self-love when you surround yourself with people, places and things that make you happy. You acquire “consume” people, places and things in the false hope that one of them will bring you everlasting happiness and joy. While they bring you temporary happiness, it never lasts and soon you are looking for something new and better. The commercial term “consumer” is a good description of how we go though life.


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